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TMT-HA600 1300W Heat Rework Program – *Bestseller*

TMT-HA600 1300W Heat Rework Program – *Bestseller*

Thermaltronics TMT-2000S-P Soldering System w/SHP-P one hundred-240VAC

Brand new TMT-2000S lies in Curie Temperatures Tech and therefore responds to your thermal need each and every solder shared of the adjusting the power instantaneously, and therefore appointment the exact requirements of substrate part and you will solder question.

Curie Temperature Tech operating at the 470KHz. Extremely compact, weighs in at only 1.3KG. No calibration or operator training requisite. No extra coil assembly will set you back.

Thermaltronics try community management getting Hot-air Rework Possibilities. The fresh new TMT-HA600 hot-air tool uses a big diaphragm pump and you will an excellent high-power 1300W heating system, made to work with harder programs, on reduction and you will reflow out of skin mount elements. The TMT-HA600 is the Hot air rework system of choice having significant cell phone and computer provider centres across Australia because of its high power 1300W heater.

Quick temperatures and temperatures recuperation Effortless control allows simple changes Spends HTN Series Heat Nozzles Electronic display having simple-to-to improve temp and you can airflow

TMT-PH200 IR Preheater 130mm x 130mm

The fresh TMT-PH200 uses alarm handle opinions loop to handle the fresh infrared preheater temperatures and that’s suitable for leaded and you may direct-totally free preheating techniques.

Flux Removal – Routine Board Vacuum

Circuit Board Vacuum cleaner is actually an electrical parts machine and you can effective benchtop flux removal, which also washes dirt, moisture, dust, and you will corrosion, and you may easily cleanses waxes, oil, and greases. It is prompt drying out and you may appropriate for very rubbers and you will plastics.

Routine Panel Vacuum is safe for usage into the PCBs, recording thoughts, optical and you may accuracy devices, motors, dies, bearings, heavens products, and much more.

DEOX R70 Electricity Protector & Conductivity Enhancer

DEOX R70 Electric Guardian & Conductivity Enhancer is a highly cutting-edge, non-conductive electronic guardian, extremely effective in aggressive surroundings and you will warm climates, and additionally those in the newest commercial and you will marine marketplace. It’s safe toward plastic materials, fittings, and you may PCBs, while offering advanced level rust coverage by the displacing moisture and you can sealing and raising the conductivity out-of electrical and you can digital equipment and tools, changes, relationships, relays, rings, solenoids, motors and generators, junction boxes, and you will telecommunication gadgets, protecting counters in just about any reputation, and additionally those which had before experienced water damage.

R70 protects and you may improves upon app from the developing a different, thin film deposit from VCIs that do not change or meddle towards electric resistance otherwise magnetic characteristics off steel counters. Moreover it dissolves corrosion to assist with the maintenance regarding electronic conductivity, in fact it is an important defensive sprinkle for use in repairs and repair from electric components.

Premium Anti-Fixed Bench Matting 600mm x 10M Blue

Okay’s Fixed Dissapative Matting Goes are manufactured from durable rubber thing and guaranteed not to fade such as for instance reduced possibilities. He is flexible, long lasting, and you will suitable for fool around with since the a great dissapative working surface dining table pad that’s conductive for the other side.

NC Tacky Rework Flux Serum 10cc Syringe

NC Paste Flux is actually a zero brush desperate/rework flux designed for standard touch up otherwise rework away from released routine boards, and BGA rework and industries connection. NC Paste Flux are used for hand soldering, hot-heavens rework stations, convection reflow, or steam stage soldering. Soldering deposits none of them clean and are generally clear and you can inert. NC Insert Flux works with all the tin-lead and you may lead-free metals. NC Paste Flux might be distributed, brushed or stencil released. NC Paste Flux complies to your IPC 7711-7721 standard

Aim Liquids Flux FX16 Alcohol Mainly based Zero Brush

Alcohol based liquids flux getting rework, or design objectives in trend soldering (sprinkle fluxer merely) and you can good for choosy soldering machines. No Brush deposits after heating mixxxer Profily Solids Stuff – 2.7%

FX16 was an effective sprayable no-brush flux which was engineered to add exceptional soldering overall performance with an over-all techniques screen, leaving limited, electrically safer flux deposits – no matter if unheated.


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